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Constitution of the Board

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As per Rule 45(1) of Indian Electricity Rules 1956:-'No electrical installation work,

including additions, alterations, repairs and adjustments to existing installations,

except such replacement of lamps, fans, fuses, switches, low voltage domestic appliances and

fittings as in no way alters its capacity or character, shall be carried out upon the premises of

or on behalf of any consumer, supplier, owner or occupier for the purpose of supply to

such consumer, supplier, owner or occupier except by an electrical contractor licensed

in this behalf by the State Government and under the direct supervision of a person holding

a certificate of competency and by a person holding a permit issued or recognised by the State Government.'

To fulfill this obligation, the Kerala Government have framed Kerala State Electricity Licensing

Board Rules by necessary notification and have constituted a Board as provided under Rule 45 (2)

The Board consists of

President  Secretary to Government, Government of Kerala
 Sri. M.Sivasankar  IAS
Member  Secretary Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector
 MembersChief Electrical Inspector to Government of Kerala

Head of Department of Electrical Engineering,College of    Engineering,  Trivandrum or Thrissur

Representative of K.S.E.Board

A Member of Legislature
Sri.P.C. Vishnuanadh M.L.A.

A representative of Major Consumers of Electricity in the State
Sri.Sajith.M.S, Executive Engineer, Travancore Titanium Products(P) Ltd. Thiruvanthapuram

Three Representative of licensed Electrical Contractors in the State one each for 'A' Class, 'B' Class and 'C' Class Contractors

1. Sri. P.Rajeev             ( Representative of Electrical Contractor   'A' Class  )
2. Sri.
Sameer Babu.K  ( Representative of Electrical Contractor   'B'  Class  )
3. Sri.Sameer Babu       ( Representative of Electrical Contractor   'C'  Class

Main Functions of Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board

  • To grant Licence to Electrical Contractors Class A, B & C
  • To conduct of Examinations for Electrical Supervisors and Electrical Wiremen and issue the permits
  • To grant  Permit to Electrical Supervisors Grade A & B ( Exemption)
  • To grant  Permit to Electrical  Wireman ( Exemption)
  • To grant  Permit to  Electricity Worker
  • Granting of Recognition for conducting Wireman Institutes
  • Disciplinary action against Contractors, Supervisors and Wiremen for violation of rules.
  • Settlement  of Disputes between consumers, contractors and suppliers